Kids Cello Lessons Singapore

Research has shown that music lessons for kids at a young age will greatly expedite your child’s cognitive development progress. Kids who attended music lessons are also seen to read faster, higher IQ, and generally do better in school. [BBC, 2014]

This is probably one of the reasons why parents enthusiastically start cello lessons for their kids at a young age. If you are looking for dedicated private cello teachers for your child to start learning the cello, we can help you!
Here’s the reasons why you should have private cello lessons for your kids.

Flexible schedule

We know kids nowadays have busy schedules. With private lessons, you can arrange the lessons schedule with the teacher directly.

Personal attention

With private lessons, the teacher will focus her entire lesson on the child, and teach according to his learning ability and needs.

Customized lessons

Private lessons will also allow teachers to customize lesson plans, such as teaching fun songs to the student after a stressful examination period.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old should I sign up my child for lessons?
We would recommend cello lessons for kids who are around 4 to 5 years old. We know parents might be eager for their kids to start as early as possible, but starting at 4 to 5 years old will be better because that’s the age they can understand and learn better.
I don't have a cello. Can I still sign up for lessons?
Yes, you can sign your lessons first. We will help you get a suitable cello based on your learning needs and preferences. We have also worked with cello shops to provide exquisite deals and discounts (for our students only). We will recommend a student to get a personal cello for lessons so that they can use it and get familiar with it along the way.
Does my child has to take cello examinations?
Cello examination help the child strive to improve and up their level of playing. However, unlike what most music school preaches, we don’t expect all kids to go through the examination route. It will be optional based on the choice of the parents and the kids.

Most importantly, we want the child to learn and appreciate cello music. Teachers may organize concerts or recitals to let students have the opportunity to perform and build stage confidence too.

What are the duration and fees?
Duration: 45 – 60min per lesson.

The fees will be based on the teacher’s experience, location, and frequency of lessons. Once you send in your request, the teacher will contact you and let you know the fees.

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